Monday, August 23, 2010

{ something Hungarian }

This is how it started

  Hungarian pancakes with chicken and shampinion souse...
(if the names of the dishes are wrong you can correct it!)

Yesterday had a lovely time with a lovely people!  
I was invited to my friends place for Hungarian dinner (never tried before) and  oh, i have to admit, it was so  d e l i c i o u s... so, so  delicious that i would like to repeat  it or even more!... what about something different and new for the next time?    hope that you are reading this post  Edina. well, i'm not forcing you to....
Thank you so much x


  1. better to start diet...oh, who can you move after such dinner???

  2. I am happy to cook again..
    In the new appartement- hopefully it will be ready soon- I will find the time to prepare something again :)

  3. looks so delicious...i am hungry,....mmmm