Saturday, August 21, 2010

{ The day number: First }

It's always nice to have something warm on your shoulders.... This pink sleeveless jacket is one of my favorite pieces actually, such a cute thing... it's like a worm hug from Sonya Rykiel... 
Love it and love her!... 

shirt: Zara
 gilet: Sonia Rykiel for h&m
necklace: h&m
earrings: h&m
belt: vintage
shoes: Sonia Rykiel for h&m


  1. Wow! Lulu that is super-cool! I'm so glad I happened to pass by & witness your photo shoot for the biking pictures! I'll look forward to see more of these interesting stuff on your blog!!

  2. amazing photos Lulu!

  3. I fool in love with Utrecht after that photos...

  4. dzalian lamazi suratebia lulu, warmatebebi